Plant Of Life is one of the worldwide leading companies specializing in CBD and CBG products. Our company follows rigorous quality control measures including GMP and ISO9001 norms. The chemical structure of all our products is certified by professional laboratories. We have operation hubs in 8 countries of the European Union , supplying thousands of selling points and millions of satisfied end customers. We have reached more than €10,5 million in sales in 2019, and our growth model predicts 36 million euros sales by 2024.

Plant of life has been active in the cannabis industry since its beginnings. Since creation, our company kept evolving and growing, providing consistent, high quality cannabis products to a growing number of patients seeking natural and safer treatments for their pain.

The diversity and leadership of Plant Of Life has led us to invest in a brand new initiative : the creation of our first cryptocurrency called “Bits Of Life Coins” (BOL).

Bits Of Life Coins is a unique blockchain token based on the Ethereum network and created exclusively by Plant Of Life Group. By purchasing Bits Of Life token, you’re becoming part of Plant Of Life Group through a legal contract. In other words, you become one of our partners by purchasing a small percentage of our business. Each coin represents 0,000001% of our group of companies which includes our brands, our factories of cosmetics and food, our growing facilities of legal and medical cannabis… and more! As other famous cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, our token operates independently and in a decentralized manner, without a bank or a central authority. Bits Of Life reinvented cryptocurrency by giving tokens an application to the legal cannabis industry.

With Bits of Life Coins, you can now invest in the medical cannabis industry without the problems of modern banking. There are no limits to the funds you can transfer, your accounts cannot be hacked and there is no central point of failure. Moreover, transactions made with Bits Of Life Coins are free of charge. You can make transactions at any time of the day or night, without limitation on purchases. With Bits Of Life, you can start investing safely. Plant Of Life Group always backs up your Bits Of Life investment by continuously buying tokens. In practicality, this means that, regardless of the performance of our company and the cannabis market, your Bits Of Life tokens can’t lose value. You can either make money, or simply not lose value.

This is your opportunity to be part of a successful business. Fasten the process of your transactions and make a lot of money with Bits of Life Coins!

Aren’t you excited to start investing ?

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