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Why Does The Global Cannabis Industry Need a Blockchain For More Effective Quality Control?

The legal distribution of cannabis as a drug has always remained a problem. On the other side, the medical industry continuously observes the improvement in patients’ health conditions who have been using cannabis as a drug. The current regulations are even more strict about the supply of cannabis, especially in pharmacies in Canada. However, other countries have been actively participating in the legalization of cannabis. 

Today in this article, we will guide you about the Global Cannabis Industry trends and why CBD dispensation and quality control need the Blockchain. Read on to get in-depth knowledge on the subject.

Let’s have a look at what CBD or Cannabis is.


What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a phytocannabinoid found in hemp that has various health benefits for both the mind and body. It’s not to be confused with hemp seed oil, which is cannabinoid-free. Cannabis, not marijuana, is generated from hemp plants. Hemp and marijuana are similar but not identical; hemp is described as having less than 0.3 percent THC. 

Cannabinoids (CBD) are naturally present compounds found in the resinous flowers of the cannabis Sativa plant, which have a wide range of medicinal use. CBD’s therapeutic effects are currently being tested and proven by scientists and physicians all over the world. Cannabis is one of over a hundred non-addictive “phytonutrients.”

The entire hemp leaf extracts, including a considerable spectrum of cannabinoids and other healthy compounds, including carotenoids and flavonoids, represent the highest quality CBD oil. The whole plant’s use is thought to improve the therapeutic expenses significantly and provide additional health components.

Why Are Healthcare Professionals Reluctant To Dispense CBD?

The hesitation of the healthcare workers seems quite reasonable. They cannot believe only in the patient reviews, and it is also impossible for any physician to decide how much cannabis is safe for the patient.

There is a strong possibility that cannabis is only over appreciated, and licensed producers are marketing it by giving vague descriptions and baseless explanations. Moreover, it can also be devastating for the pharmacies selling medicine for years and making a huge financial outcome. 

Should they prescribe cannabis-based medicine to the patients and leave all other medications? And what makes someone accountable for the wrong dosage quantity?

Due to these challenges, healthcare professionals avoid prescribing it. The safe supply of cannabis is also a big problem that creates further hindrances and stops physicians from testing its effectiveness.


However, there is a solution to this problem. The implementation of Blockchain technology is the ultimate solution.

Role Of Blockchain In The More Effective Quality Control

As we know that the ultimate goal of the physicians and pharmacists should be the safety and health of the patients. If the patients feel safe with the right doses of cannabis or CBD oil, it is their right to access the safe provision of cannabis.

Blockchain technology makes it healthcare workers and professionals possible to provide patients with a safe and sound supply of cannabis-based medicines using online technology. When the pharmacies will adopt the culture of cannabis and use the cannabis products for the cure of the patients (even if the cannabis medicine is high in other therapeutic elements derived from the plant), the cannabis will be considered legal with time.

The fact is if there are no potential harms of cannabis are observed till now, then why has it not been legalized yet? The blockchain industry can make it possible.

How Can Blockchain Technology Benefit the Cannabis Industry?

It is no secret that cannabis can provide satisfactory solutions to the various concerns associated with the supply and effectiveness of cannabis.

Here are the few ways the blockchain industry can play its part in cannabis quality control and ensure that the patients are getting what they need.


      The blockchain industry can check the variations between various databases and track the potency. It will prevent the patients from an overdose. So the detection of the correct and standard amounts of CBD levels, THC, and other variations will ensure that the patients are getting the safe quantity of the cannabis.


      The professionals and healthcare service providers can be liable for giving inconsistent quantities of cannabis to the patients. With Blockchain technology, they can directly connect with reliable and trusted suppliers and record everything, including the dosage and product quality. Blockchain provides science-based information about cannabis-based medicines and makes it possible for you to ensure the more-consistent dosing.


      By studying the dose quantities and the ratio of the individual components, the companies make themselves free from the worries of the overdose. They can easily figure out what the right proportion of cannabis-based medicine is.


      Being the most comprehensive and detailed source of data tracking and analysis, Blockchain has revolutionized the cannabis industry. It is the safest option for patients due to its multi-tasking functionality and security to healthcare professionals. As a result, they can research in this field more confidently that will further open the doors to more successful usage of medical cannabis and its components such as oil, extract, edible portion of the flower, etc.


      The blockchain industry can impact the legislative bodies and motivate them to take action in removing the restrictions. It is undoubtedly an exciting development in the field of cannabis medicine.


Final Verdict

The connection of the Blockchain industry with the cannabis industry may seem new and innovative to most people and even the legislative bodies. But the scientific evidence has revealed that implementation of the Blockchain technology in healthcare centers and pharmacies can revolutionize the medical industry and prove the effectiveness of cannabis. Keep in mind that innovation always drives growth, and it is possible only when the law-making bodies will show flexibility.


Physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide have approved and accepted the significant role of the Blockchain in determining the effective quality of cannabis-based medicine. So there is a dire need to introduce Blockchain technology in the cannabis industry for the most effective quality control.

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