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Problems & Solutions


Thousands of companies in the cannabis sector are not able to access the traditional financial system millions in revenues are lost due to lack of finance solutions.


Banking options for the cannabis industry are few and far between. Even though the cannabis market is growing extensively, finding investors to grow your business remains a major problem.

Access to traditional capital is extremely limited if not fully absent. Currently, companies are facing a general blockade from financial institutions such as banks, Visa and Mastercard.

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You want to invest in the cannabis industry?

Bits Of Life token is THE solution for you.


With Bits of Life Coins, you can now invest in the cannabis industry without the problems of modern banking. There are no limits to the funds you can transfer, your accounts cannot be hacked and there is no central point of failure.


Transactions made with Bits Of Life Coins are low (minimal gas fee ) of charge. You can make transactions at any time of the day or night, without limitation on purchases.


With Bits Of Life, you can start investing safely. Plant Of Life Group always backs up your Bits Of Life investment by continuously buying tokens. In practicality, this means that, regardless of the performance of our company and the cannabis market, your Bits Of Life tokens can’t lose value. You can either make money, or simply not lose value.

Be part of the cannabis industry growth by purchasing Bits Of Life tokens, and become Plant Of Life Group’s partner.

Documents, Terms & Conditions


The following set of ideas constitutes our winning Cannabis business philosophy.



Plant of Life group´s mission is to provide high quality Cannabis products to the end customer while ensuring the best cost per quality ratio. This means that our products won´t be the cheapest on the market, as those normally correspond to low-quality produce. Nor they will be at the extreme high-end as those products are normally reserved to the well-established minority. Instead, we are trying to find and offer the best deal, the magic equilibrium between cost and quality which will aim at the masses. We truly believe that this way Cannabis products can become a common commodity in everyday´s life.
Our goals are achieved by reliance on an established business model which has proven to be succesful during the years. In the heart of this model is the perception that costs of production are the essential ingredients of success.Thus, Plant of Life Business group from its creation and up to this day acted consistently to lower the costs of its manufacturing while maintaining high level of quality.This could be done, for example, by eliminating to the maximum the external providers in the chain of supply when possible. Cultivation companies have been created – CBD Flowers Handels in Austria. Extraction facilities have been set up to prevent us from the need to rely on prime material producers.
Another achievable aspect of lowering the costs is modernisation. We are in a middle of various projects which will improve the cost-per-yield ratio in cultivation considerably due to implementation of new technologies like robotics and automatization. Currently, there are no competitors on the market who employ the technologies we are about to implement. This fact alone gives us an upper hand in development and fundraising.
Our state-of-the-art distribution network if the final piece of the puzzle. We have physical representation – companies of the group – in 6 countries of the EU. This allows us to be mindful of changes in demand and on the other hand to reach the resellers themselves – the final link between us and the end customer, without a need to pay homage to external distributors.
The reliance on our own cultivation, modernisation of processes, extraction and production while reaching the resellers themselves – all those allow us to cut in costs from one side and in benefits ratios on the other, providing an opportunity to present our produce with the best price-per-quality ratio on the market.



Implementation Sheet

This is the time line for past and future mile stones
milestones objectives can be changed depending on the current situation in the market

november 2010
the beginning
Plant of Life Group
first office in amsterdam
april 2020
Development & strategy
of ico start
april 2021
BOL listed on the ethereum net
website up and running
Live Now
may 2021
binance version of
Bits of Life Token
august 2021
token will be traded on the various big
exchange markets & platforms
September 2021
Mobile apps for
iOS & Android
Token Distribution

Token Sale Stats

The BOL sale status is simple. We have no soft cup and your investment goes directly 100% on cannabis related development.
Our founding team and creators will not get any percentage of your investment .



We are highly motivated to grow in the medical Cannabis sector. The potential for the future of our companies is enormous as we really believe that this is the correct time to invest in the growth of medical Cannabis industry.  Therefore  your funds won´t be used in order to maintain our current infrastructure of companies, but 100% of the token sold will be invested in funding new projects. Those will include pertaining to cannabis cultivation and extraction, biomass and seeds manufacturing , atomisation of our facilities and material properties. More details about our vision for the future can be found in the White paper.

Symbol: BOL

Initial Value: 1 BOL = 1 EURO

Type: ERC20


Creative Team

Plant of Life Group is built from a team of highly motivated and dedicated professionals.
We are business developers, researchers, designers, photographers, content editors, programmers, lab personnel, accountants and surely must of all cannabis growers.


Creative and
Dedicated People


Years of combined experience


Years of blockchain experience

bits of life blog

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our blog is written originaly and exclusively by bits of life team.

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